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Help Build first Hemp tiny house in Washington State for Senior Citizens – with Solar Panels on the Roof

Share Widely – Gofundme –  https://www.gofundme.com/helpseniorsbuildtinyhouses

Senior citizen Pat Rasmussen is building the first industrial hemp insulated tiny house on a trailer in the state – right in Olympia  – to show other seniors how they can build their own secure, warm, comfortable green home on a small budget.

Many seniors like Pat live on $800 or less a month social security – some had jobs that didn’t put retirement away for them. At age 70, they deserve a secure, warm home and they can have one – a tiny home.

Natural hemp insulation with energy efficient design means no heating is required. Solar panels mean no electricity bills. Solar water heating provides hot water. The tiny house sits on a trailer designed for tiny houses so it can be moved when needed.

Growing industrial hemp is now legal in Washington State – the first seeds go in the ground spring of 2017. We are fostering a new industry for our state. It’s time to get ready for building with hemp!

The tiny house can be in a community space, a tiny home village, or as an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) in someone’s yard where they can live in community with the home dwellers and other friends in the neighborhood of their choice and with a network of support.

Seniors will work together to build Pat’s tiny house, while learning the skills to build their own.  They’ll work together with partner organizations and agencies to build a program and develop funding sources so many seniors can take advantage of the new “Tiny Homes for Seniors” housing solution. Partners will be working with the City of Olympia as they launch the “missing middle” project analyzing what the City can do to remove any obstacles to this type of housing being built in Olympia – such as city codes, fees or other requirements.

The program will include helping ten more seniors raise funds and build their own tiny houses following this model.

By donating to Pat’s project, you will set off a new green, affordable revolution: hemp tiny homes for seniors!

Goal to Raise:    $40,000    –  Share Widely – Gofundme –  https://www.gofundme.com/helpseniorsbuildtinyhouses

Your donations will go to pay for:

*** Design – www.ionecobuilding.com and www.facebook.com/nwhempbuilders/

and www.hempace.com/

*** Wood and windows                                                                                                                             *** Tiny house trailer ironeagletinyhousetrailer.com/tinyhomes/                                            *** Solar panels and installation www.puresolar.org with Aquion Saltwater Batteries        *** Hemp insulation – westernfibers.com and installation            www.facebook.com/nwhempbuilders/                                                                                                 *** Ecobuilder planning and support  www.ionecobuilding.com                                               *** Work parties for seniors  www.ionecobuilding.com and            www.facebook.com/nwhempbuilders/                                                                                                *** Grant writing for the next 10 seniors’ tiny homes and permit processes            www.edibleforestgardens.org


Northwest Ecobuilding Guild – Chris Van Daalen                                                                                 PureSolar – Rich Phillips                                                                                                                       South Sound Solar                                                                                                                                 Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation Green Sanctuary Committee                      Hemp Ace International LLC – Joy Beckerman                                                                                      Northwest Hemp Builders – Matt Eklund                                                                                            Ion Ecobuilding – Natural builder Joseph Becker                                                                Olympians for People Oriented Places – Janae Huber                                                                 Habitat for Humanity                                                                                                                         Natural Action Technologies – Clayton Nolte

Donations are tax                                                                                                                                 deductible                                                                                                                                                Design will be shared freely  

Pat Rasmussen     Edible Forest Gardens     PO Box 13273     Olympia, WA 98508                          Phone: 509-669-1549   E-mail: edibleforestgardens@gmail.com              Website: seniorhemptinyhomes.com


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