Why hemp insulation?


Hemp + Lime + H2o mixed together make Fire, Mold, Termite-Proof, super-insulating, breathable, alkaline and energy efficient homes. And the price to build with hemp is around the same as regular construction with the added benefits of living in a healthier environment – better for you, your children and generations to come.

Hempcrete Benefits

The use of Hempcrete as a building material can have the following benefits:
• Non-toxic
• No off-gassing
• No solvents
• Mould resistance
• High vapor permeability
• Humidity control
• Durable
• Sustainable
• Carbon sequestration
• Fire and pest resistance
• Passive self regulation of temperature and humidity

Hempcrete Material

Hempcrete is a lightweight bio-composite building material made from industrial hemp stalks, a lime based binder, and water.
• Aggregate: Hemp hurd (the inside woody core of the hemp plant
• Binder: hydrated air lime blended with selected cementitious, hydraulic and inorganic materials.
• Water: for mixing and curing

Listed below are the basic material properties

• Density: 93.6 to 136.4 Kgs/M3
• Compressive strength: 116 to 145 pounds per square inch (PSI)
• Flexural strength: 44 to 58 PSI
• Fire rating: approximately 1 hour per 100 mm of thickness
• RSI-value: .28/200mm to .14/500mm thickness available
• Air permeability: 1.0 x 10-6 PSI
• Vapor permeability: 3.4 x 10-5 PSI
• Carbon capture: 108kg/M3
• Achievable air tightness: <1.1 cubic feet per minute
• Acoustic absorption: 0.69 noise reduction coefficient (NRC)

Hemp Batts

NaturHemp™ insulation batts are flexible and compressible insulation panels made from hemp fibres. This product is recyclable and renewable.

NaturHemp™ is ideal for insulating ceilings, walls and floors in new construction or renovation. Conforms to ASTM standard C-518

NaturHemp insulation is made from Industrial Hemp and contains no chemical binders – instead, it is held together with <5% polypropylene or polyethylene. Manufactured in Canada, it comes in 3.5″ and 5.5″ thicknesses in dimensions of 16″ x 48″ or 24″ x 48″. NaturHemp has an R-value similar to other fiber insulation at around R-3.7 per inch, friction fit in wall cavities, and uses ammonium sulfate as a flame retardant.

For more information on industrial hemp see Hemp Technologies.

Check back later to learn about hemp insulation that is blown in.